Miss Jill Corey
Senior Prom
Click on the image at left to read a brief description of the 1958 Columbia Pictures release starring Jill Corey as it appeared in Teen magazine.
Jill shown here with Barbara Bostock and another member of the cast in a scene from the movie.   Click here or on the image at left to see an entire page of Columbia Pictures publicity stills for the movie Senior Prom  
  Columbia Pictures ran a two-page promotional ad directed to residents of the Charlotte, NC area in the December 27, 1958 issue of Motion Picture Herald, a trade publication.  Click here or on the image at left to read all about the many and varied activities scheduled in conjunction with the film's premiere in that area. 
Sheet music for Jill's 1958 hit song Big Daddy, which in the character of Gay Sherridan, Jill sings to orchestra leader Freddy Martin in the finale of the movie.  Jill would go on to reprise her performance of the song twice on the Ed Sullivan Show, once regaled in turn-of-the-century costume against a background of the famous Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, Alaska. 
Click the image at left to see the complete set of theater cards issued by Columbia Pictures promoting the movie.
Click on the image at left and see the theater card used for Senior Prom when it was shown in theaters in Mexico.
The closest equivalent to an original cast recording issued by Columbia Records for Senior Prom was a four-song extended play 45 on which Jill sings but one song, Big DaddyClick here or on the image at left to learn more.
Courtesy of a generous friend from Belleville, Ontario who prefers to remain anonymous, we can offer high quality video clips of Jill with the five songs that she sings in Senior Prom, including Jill's delightful version of Big Daddy, her finale.  Just click on the image at left to find links to each of the clips.
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