Miss Jill Corey
At Home
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Jill and Don at home with Jill adorned in classic 60's fashion and hair style.   Click here to view a page from the Hoak family album. 
Don at home on his 35th birthday.  We don't have the story of just why he's admiring the baseball! 
Bringing infant daughter Clare home from the hospital, Jill and Don stop to pose with their treasured bundle. 
Just mother and daughter 
Proud daddy Don holding young Clare, already showing signs as a toddler of the inherent beauty that would one day propel her to a very successful modeling career spanning both sides of the Atlantic.  
Jill, Don and baby Clare at home 
Jill and Clare out for a walk 
Jill poses for two pictures with daughter Clare, here about age six in 1971, when Clare declares that she too would like to follow a show business career.  The pictures were taken by a news photo service in New Jersey, presumably to appear in a Sunday supplement to local newspapers. Two pictures added 11/19/09
Jill and Clare take a moment to pose with Jill's sister Alice in town for a visit. 
Jill with Jeff and Kim Hoak, Don's children by a previous marriage.  The portrait of Jill in the background is the one that drew comment from Edward R. Murrow during his 1957 Person to Person interview with Jill.  You can hear the audio track from the interview by clicking here
An affectionate moment shared by mother and daughter 
Christmas time for Clare 
Mother and daughter appear ready for bedtime in this study in black and white. 
Party time for Jill and Clare! This beautiful child grew up to become a stunning young lady who soon found a career awaiting her in modeling and then in television and the movies.  Just click here to see Clare as she emerged from the Hoak family nest and began to spread her own lovely wings.
Somebody's birthday! 
Caught peeking at Christmas gifts under the tree? 
Jill assumes a rather saucy, provocative pose . . . or is it just a lark on her part? 
Jill pauses for a snapshot sporting a coiffeur rather radically different from those 50's style hairdos we remember from her television appearances. 
Jill relaxes at home between cabaret and musical theater engagements during the 1980's. 
During the 90's, Jill regularly hosted dinner parties for close friends in her Manhattan apartment.  Shown here are daughter Clare and 1950's fan club president Marle Becker at a Christmas party in the mid-90's.  Click here or on the image at left to see more of Jill's friends and a bit of her apartment.
In this more recent picture Jill, along with friend and fellow bird watcher Scott Kaminsky, enjoys her favorite outdoor activity in New York's Central Park not far from her former home in Manhattan.  In July 2008, Jill relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to daughter Clare, who has made her home there.
On Mother's Day, May 10, 2010, Jill joined daughter Clare and Clare's beloved cat Lily in Clare's Los Angeles apartment, where Clare took a series of pictures using her iPhone.  Click on Jill's picture at left to see the results.  
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