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Biography:  La Cenerentola 
Jill's real life Cinderella story 
Jill in cabaret, television, theater, recordings and radio 
Dedication of this website by its author 
Jill on records, on the radio and in the movies 
Links Page 
For online articles and sources of additional Jill Corey material  
Photo Gallery 
Photos of Jill throughout her long and varied career 
Potpourri in Words and Pictures 
Photos and short articles from Jill's life and career   
Reflections: With Heart and Voice   
Our guest book:  Personal reflections on Jill's life and career 
What the critics have said about our fair Jill 
Delightful anecdotes from Jill's life and career 
What's New 
The latest news on Jill's recent CD releases   New website featuring Jill Corey
Avonmore:  Jill's Early Years 
The Belle of Avonmore 
Jill's early life and hometown photos 
At Home in Avonmore 
Pictures from the Gordon Parks LIFE magazine photo session 
The Gordon Parks Collection for LIFE Magazine 
Many photos not included in the LIFE magazine article 
Welcome Home Our Jill Corey 
Avonmore and Pittsburgh welcome home their favorite daughter. 
Jill's High School Class Reunion in 1978 
Meet another famous alumnus of Bell-Avon High School. 
Jill, Don and Clare:  The Family Years 
Don's Courtship of Jill 
Don Hoak employed very original courtship techniques to capture Jill! 
Just Don and Jill 
Their marriage and early years together  
At Home 
With Jill, Don and Clare Hoak 
Hoak Family Album 
A collection of pictures of the Hoak family - Don, Jill and Clare  
Christmas Party 
Dinner party at Jill's apartment, circa 1995 
Jill and Clare in Los Angeles 
Pictures from Mother's Day 2010 in Clare's apartment 
Don Hoak, Jill's Husband and MLB Player 
Don Hoak and His Baseball Career    
Highlights from Don's baseball career  
Don Hoak:  Just a Bit More of Don's Love of Baseball 
Photos of Don at spring training camp and more  
Don's Story in the 1961 Pittsburgh Pirates Yearbook 
Collectors' edition pays tribute to the 1960 World Series stars. 
Don Hoak Baseball Card Collection 
Examples of baseball cards issued for Don with his five different teams  
..Don's Sage Advice on the Art of  Playing Third Base 
Don is interviewed by Lou Boudreau. 
Flatbush Faithful 
Brooklyn Dodgers faithful remember Don Hoak. 
Hoak Glove Auction 
Don Hoak's glove becomes a collectable. 
Pittsburgh Pirates Archives 
With Don Hoak pictures and records 
Clare Hoak:  Daughter, Model and Actress 
The Young Clare Hoak:  Model 
Photos of Clare as a teenager and from her early modeling career 
Clare Hoak 
Publicity photos from her modeling and acting career 
Jill Corey Fan Clubs 
Fan Club Page 
Contributions to this website by fan club president Marle Becker 
Fan Club Letters 
From Jill to her fan club president Marle Becker 
Coreyetts:  The Other Jill Corey Fan Club 
The Jill Corey fan club founded by Joyce Becker 
Joyce Becker's Scrapbook 
A collection of memorabilia from Jill's career in the 1950's 
Jill Corey:  The Personal Life of a Star 
Jill Attends a Birthday Party 
Three snapshots of Jill attending Robert Q. Lewis' birthday party 
Jill's Miami Vacation 
Snapshots of Jill on vacation during the mid-fifties 
Sabrina Fair Memories 
Roxanne's memories of a phone call from Jill - then a meeting  
Sinatra Page 
The story of Jill's unforgettable first date with Frank Sinatra 
The Puccini Award 
Excerpts from the program for the 1991 gala 
Publicity Pictures:  Jill Captured by the Still Camera 
A Jill Corey Slide Show  
Sixty-one pictures arranged chronologically - courtesy of Ronnie Allen 
Columbia Records Photos 
Jill's first publicity photos from 1953 
Coke Time with Eddie Fisher 
Photos taken on the set of It's Coke Time with Eddie Fisher  
Cover Girl Jill Corey 
Seventeen magazine covers featuring Jill Corey, 1953 - 2004  
In Performance on Stage 
Snapshots of Jill in performance on stage 
Jill on Stage Again 
Publicity photos contributed by Rex Strother 
Miss Mistletoe of 1957 
NBC's publicity photos from Jill's year on Your Hit Parade 
Jill's portrait in oils painted by an ardent fan  
Portfolio of Jill's Publicity Pictures, 1953 - 1980's  
An extensive collection of black and white and color publicity stills of Jill 
Jill in the Recording Studio 
Ching Ching-a-Ling 
The story behind this cute novelty tune  
European Holiday 
 Mitch Miller's original "musical" with Jill Corey 
International Star 
Jill's recordings & sheet music from around the world 
Sheet Music Collection 
Reproductions of Jill's sheet music covers  
Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometimes I'm Blue 
The story of Jill's concept album, her only Columbia LP 
Syndicated Radio Shows 
Chronological listing of Jill's syndicated radio shows 
Audio and Video Clips Featuring Jill 
Jill on You Tube 
Jill sings Summer Night to a slide show of Carson Show snaps. 
New Song 
Original song written and sung by Jill  (3.4 mb mp3 file) 
Person to Person 
Jill's interview by Edward R. Murrow, October 1957 
Skip E. Lowe Interview 
Excerpts from the 1988 television interview  (12 min, 61.5 mb)  
Video Clip 
Jill talks about the beginnings of her singing career. 
Highlights From Jill's Television Career 
Johnny Carson Show 
Publicity photos of Jill as a regular on the 1955-56 series 
On the Set of the Johnny Carson Show 
Pictures of Jill taken on the set of the Johnny Carson Show 
The Ed Sullivan Show 
See a video clip of Jill singing Big Daddy with Ed Sullivan in Alaska. 
The Jill Corey Show - Page One 
Screen captures from Jill's own television show 
The Jill Corey Show - Page Two 
Actual video clips from the Jill Corey Show 
TV Snapshots     
Snapshots of Jill in performance on television 
Your Hit Parade 
Jill's year as lead singer during the 1957-58 season 
Your Hit Parade Cast     
Photos of the cast for the 1957-58 season 
Your Hit Parade - A Collection of Congratulatory Telegrams 
Sent to Jill as she became lead singer on Your Hit Parade in 1957 
Miami Undercover:  The Thrush   
Jill guest stars in the premier episode of this crime series in 1961. 
Senior Prom:  Jill's 1958 Movie for Columbia Pictures 
Senior Prom 
Photos and sidelights on Jill's starring role in the movie 
Senior Prom Theater Cards 
Publicizing the the 1958 movie 
Senior Prom Video Clips  
See and hear Jill sing all five songs from her movie. 
The Theater Marquee:  Major Theatrical Productions 
The Theater Marquee 
A summary of Jill's thirty-year career in musical and dramatic theater  
High Button Shoes 
Jill in High Button Shoes during the 1957 summer theater season 
The Moon Is Blue 
Program from the 1959 Northland Playhouse production starringh Jill 
Sabrina Fair 
Playbill from the Cherry County Playhouse production in 1960 
Meet Me in St. Louis at Toronto's Music Fair 
Feature story and photos of Jill from Royal York Magazine 
Meet Me In St. Louis 
Program from the Kenley Players 1960 season   
Program from the 1961 Salt Creek Playhouse production  
Sunday in New York 
Program and photo from the 1963 production 
Promises, Promises 
Jill starred in the Paper Mill Playhouse production in 1973 
Irma La Douce 
Jill stars in the 1973 Corning Summer Theatre production. 
Sweet Charity 
Program from the 1973 Coachlight Dinner Theatre production 
Follies by Stephen Sondheim 
Jill sings I'm Still Here in the role of Carlotta Campion.  
Annie Get Your Gun 
Jill stars in Annie Get Your Gun in St. Petersburg, Florida. 
Gypsy at the Carousel Dinner Theater 
Playbill from their production starring Jill Corey  
Jill stars in a musical production based on the life of Nellie Bly. 
Jill in Clubs, Reviews and Cabaret 
A Second Career for Jill 
At Carnegie Hall and many other venues 
Carnegie Hall - A Celebration in Song.. 
Jill caps her career with her one-woman show at Carnegie Hall. 
How Sweet It Was 
Jill stars in a tribute to the music of the fabulous 50's. 
Jill at the Copacabana 
Jill returns for a reunion of Copa alumnae in 2007.  
Puerto Rico - 1962 
Jill sings for officers at Ramey Air Force Base. 
Side by Side by Sondheim 
Jill leads a company of artists in tribute to the composer and lyricist. 
Star Night 
At Cleveland's Municipal Stadium July 25, 1954 
The First Time 
Jill plays three separate roles in this off-Broadway review. 
The Summer of '54 
Jill's career path following the Garroway Show 
You and the Night and the Music II 
Jill leads a revue in a tribute to major American composers. 
Jill Featured in Advertizing and Promotion 
The Billboard Magazine Ad for the U.S. Steel Hour, January 1956  
Columbia Records introduces Jill's latest recording on an U.S. Steel Hour episode 
Juke Box Advertisement in Down Beat Magazine 
Jill is featured in an advertisement for AMI juke boxes. 
Spins and Needles 
Jill's very own bubble gum card 
Telechron Clock Radio Ad  
With Jill and other Columbia recording artists 
WNEW Contest Cards 
From the WNEW radio Good Humor promotion  
Press Coverage of Jill's Career - Chronologically 
. .. 
Jill's First Review 
By Jack O'Brian in the NY Journal-American, September 1953 
LIFE Magazine: November 9, 1953 
The complete Jill Corey story with text and pictures 
TV Guide Article 
From the November 20, 1953, Pittsburgh edition  
Tempo Magazine Article 
Picture and article from the November 23, 1953 issue 
Down Beat Article   
Picture and story from the December 16, 1953 issue 
TV Guide Article 
Television's make-up secrets from January 1954 
TV Star Parade Article 
From the January 1954 issue 
Inside TV Article 
By Joan King Flynn from the February 1954 issue 
Show Magazine Article 
With nine photos of Jill from February 1954 
TV Magazine Article 
This Is Cinderella from March 1954 
Hit Parader Magazine 
Articles about Jill from March 1954 and November 1957  
TeleVision Life Magazine Article 
A Roman Holiday for Jill in New York City from the May 1954 issue 
TV Revue Article 
Jill the fashion model from the May 1954 issue 
Motion Picture & TV Magazine 
Helene Curtis ad with Jill from June 1954 
TV Magazine Article 
With Coke Time's Eddie Fisher from July 1954 
TV Star Parade Article 
From the September 1954 issue  
Song Hits Magazine Article 
Article and photos from Song Hits magazine in 1954 
Woman's Home Companion 
An extensive article with photos from February 1955 
TV Magazine Article 
Jill in the Columbia recording studio in April 1955 
TV Stage Article 
Jill's appearance on Soldier Parade from the April 1955 issue 
Hit Parader Magazine 
Jill attends a gala for DJ Martin Block in June 1955. 
TV-Radio Life     
Dangers of a Career Girl by Ted Hilgenstuhler, November 25, 1955 
TV Discoveries of 1956 
Full page photo and biography 
New York Sunday News 
Coloroto Magazine article featuring Jill from March 18, 1956 
TV Fan Magazine Article 
A Wolf on Every Corner by Paul MarsTV-Radio Lifeh, from April 1956  
TV and Movie Screen 
Photos of Jill with Jack Haley, Jr., from May 1956 and later 
TV Star Annual Article 
Cover photo and article from 1957 
Chicago Tribune TV Week 
Cover photo and story from May 1957 
Modern Screen Article 
A story and pictures about Jill from July 1957 
Cue Magazine Article 
The new cast of Your Hit Parade, August1957 
National Guardsman 
Jill was the sweetheart of the National Guard. 
TV Album Article 
Little Girl with a Song,  featuring four photos from mid-1957 
Herald Tribune Article 
The new cast of Your Hit Parade, September 1957 
Jacksonville Journal 
TV Week article from September 1957  
New York Times 
An article about Jill by Richard F. Shepard, from September 1957 
St. Louis TV Magazine 
Cover photo and article by Virginia Irwin, from September 1957 
Teen Magazine 
Three references to Jill and Your Hit Parade from September 1957 
Datebook Article 
Jill's Cool and Correct advice to teenage readers, October 1957 
TV Best Article 
Jill's Jumpin'  from the October 1957 issue 
TV Star Parade Article 
Why Jill Corey Cries by William Beeson, from October 1957 
TV & Movie Screen Article 
Jill's Wonderful Weekend at Indiana University, from November 1957 
TV Headliner Article 
What Jill Wants, Jill Gets!  from November 1957 
TV-Radio Mirror Article 
Article by Lilla Anderson from November 1957  
TV Best Article 
Jill's Frills from the December 1957 issue 
TV Star Parade Article 
Sentimental Tomboy by Mollie Williams, from December 1957 
TV Headliner Article 
Wedlock, Anyone?  by Jim Shorser, from January 1958 
Screen Album Magazine 
A Spectular Rise describes Jill's career in their February/April issue. 
TV & Movie Screen Article 
Parlor Date with Tommy Leonetti from February 1958 
TV-Radio Mirror Article 
By Harriet Segman from February 1958  
TV World Article 
The Datingest Girl in Town from February 1958 
Compact Magazine Article 
Rex Lardner's article from March 1958 
TV Headliner Article 
The Man Jill Corey's Been Hiding from March 1958 
McCall's Needlework & Crafts 
Learn how to knit a Jill Corey Cuddlie! from the spring of 1958 
Insight Article 
Columbia Records tribute to their own young star from April 1958 
Pop Stars Magazine 
Article by Toni Heller from the April/May 1958 issue 
Silver Screen Article 
Florence Epstein's article from April 1958 
TV World Article 
Helen Martin's article from April 1958 
TV Picture Life Article 
Jill is their Spotlight Singer for June 1958 
Fan Magazine Article 
The story of Jill's other fan club from July 1958  
Movieland and TV Time 
Interview and photo of Jill from July 1958 
Teen Magazine 
Three references to Jill and Your Hit Parade from August 1958 
New York Sunday News 
Jill's Making Plenty of Jack by Richard Petrow from September 1958  
Esquire Magazine 
Classic photo of Jill by Bert Stern from October 1958  
Motion Picture Herald Ad 
For Senior Prom, December 27, 1958 
Pittsburgh Bicentennial 
Jill was there during the summer of 1959. 
DC Comics Article 
A delightful sketch of Jill and a short article from September 1960 
TV-Radio Mirror Article 
Article welcoming Jill back to performing again from June 1971 
Jill in Contemporary Media 
Jill is featured in several recent books in the 21st Century. 
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