Miss Jill Corey
Fan Club
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This photo of Jill was featured on membership cards issued to club members by the young Marle Becker. 
Reverse of the membership card signed by both Jill and club president Becker.  Click image for larger view and you'll find Jill was an international star.
  Photograph personally autographed by Jill given to fan club founder and president Marle Becker.   
This photo was taken in 1957 on the very day that Marle Becker, then in seventh grade, actually met the object of his affection for the very first time. 
Jill in a slightly different pose from that same photo session.  
Jill Corey Fan Club welcoming letter issued by president Marle Becker in 1957.   

Starting in December of 1956, Jill kept fan club founder Marle Becker apprised of her schedule of upcoming television appearances and her other professional activities in a series of letters.   Unfortunately, the actual letters did not reproduce well for posting here, but by clicking on Jill's image you can read all the correspondence, as the contents have been transcribed word-for-word from the originals.  The letters give a first-hand history of Jill's activities during one of the busiest periods in her career.  Today Marle Becker works behind the scenes in show business and remains Jill's close friend.  We sincerely thank him for his contributions to this website.
Jill's popularity at the height of her career commanded the attention of another entirely independent legion of fans founded by a sixteen-year-old New York City native named Joyce Becker, unrelated to Marle Becker.  Click here  to read more.  Click on the image at left to read all about Joyce Becker and her Jill Corey fan club, the Coreyetts.
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