Miss Jill Corey
 The Summer of '54
The Dave Garroway Show was not renewed after one season.  However, after a year on national television Jill was sufficiently well known to insure that she did not remain unemployed for long.  Jill was signed by CBS to be the female singer on Stop the Music in its final year on network radio.  Jack Haskell, who was also on the Garroway show with Jill, was the male singer on the program, while perennial radio and television favorite Bill Cullen was host.  Click below to hear a brief excerpt from the broadcast of August 11, 1954. 
Stop the Music
.. .
Jill also returned to her roots in southwestern Pennsylvania that summer to appear in an extended engagement at the area's own version of the Copa, as documented in the July 9-16, 1954 Pittsburgh edition of TV Guide shown below. 
Also, during the summer of of '54, Jill began touring with a company called Star Night, playing the major league ball parks in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.  The cast included emerging talent like Jill, together with established stars such as Perry Como and Nat King Cole.  Jill tells a short but poignant story of how Perry Como, after both had performed late the previous evening at one of the venues, knocked on her hotel room door early the following Sunday morning to make sure that Jill got to church on time. 

To see what Jill was doing just a month before the summer of '54 began, while still singing every Friday night on the Dave Garroway Show, just click here. 

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