Miss Jill Corey
Video Clips from Senior Prom
Columbia Pictures, 1958
You'll Know When It's Him 

(.wmv file, 7.3 mb)

The Best Way to Keep a Man 

(.wmv file, 11.6 mb)

Never Before 

(.wmv file, 12.6 mb)

One Year Older 

(.wmv file, 8.7 mb)

Big Daddy 

(.wmv file, 14.4 mb)

Click on either image opposite a song title to download the video clip of Jill singing that song in the movie.  We wish to thank good friend of this website, Mr. John Greenstreet, for processing the original .mpg files provided to us by our Canadian friend.  The original .mpg files were very large, ranging in size from 144 to 185 mb, so the compressed .wmv files will greatly facilitate downloading.  However, anyone preferring the clips in their native .mpg file format may contact the editor of this website and they will be provided.
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