Clare  Hoak
Clare Michelle Hoak studied voice with Jerry Fried, dance with Martha Graham and acting with Herbert Berghof, Harry Master George and Julie Ariola.  Her television credits include Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fifth Creek, Tales from the Crypt and How to Murder a Millionaire.
Clare's movie credits include Knights (Kings Road), Home Alone II (20th Century Fox), Cool World (Paramount), Lolita (Golden Sun), The Terror Within II (New Horizons) and The Masque of the Red Death (New Horizons) and Father, an Angel and Me.
Clare Hoak's modeling career began in 1983, when she was discovered by noted New York glamour photographer Steve Landis.  She first scored success in London and soon with many other top fashion photographers on both sides of the Atlantic.  Clare has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Interview, and most notably served in Revlon's advertising campaign entitled Most Beautiful Women.
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