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The Cast of Your Hit Parade
On November 7, 1975, the ABC television network broadcast a reunion of many of the Your Hit Parade cast members who appeared on the program throughout its tenure on television during the 1950's.  Some guests on the program were actually members of the original cast in 1950, when the program debuted on NBC television in its traditional Saturday evening time slot.  Included in program were two clips of Jill singing on Your Hit Parade in 1958, as well as an extended segment with Jill reminiscing about her days on the show with reunion host Richard Dawson.  Click on the links below to view Jill's appearance on the program. 
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We wish to thank Mr. Kurt Lee of Des Moines, Iowa for providing us with this classic piece of Jill Corey memorabilia and Mr. John Greenstreet of Baltimore for lending his expertise in providing the edited versions of Jill's segments on the program. 
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The following photo and brief biographies of the cast members of Your Hit Parade appeared in the 1957-58 issue of Who's Who in Television and Radio, Vol. No. 7.
The following brief item appeared in the 1957 edition of TV Yearbook, as Jill joined the cast of Your Hit Parade during the 1957-1958 season on NBC television:
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mary Ellen Dudderar of Simpsonville, Maryland for contributing the following picture of the 1957-58 cast of Your Hit Parade.  Mary Ellen has been the source for several of the magazine articles appearing on this site.
Watch this episode of Your Hit Parade from May 24, 1958:
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