Miss Jill Corey
 The Jill Corey Show
Television Snapshots
          From the 1940's through the 1960's, many performers, mostly singers but occasionally actors as well, contributed their talents to programs sponsored by various governmental agencies promoting civil defense, the National Guard or the sale of United States savings bonds.  Radio shows were generally fifteen minutes in length and distributed to independent stations around the country via large disc recordings called transcriptions.  Jill made an unusually large number of such programs under titles such as Let's Go to Town, Manhattan Melodies, Let's Go with Music and the Jill Corey Show.  Jill also made a series of fifteen minute television programs for those same sponsoring agencies in 1956, when she was just 21 years old.  Each of these programs was devoted to the music of a famous song writer of the time - among them Harold Arlen and Cole Porter.  The screen captures above were made while Jill was actually singing such songs as Arlen's Over the Rainbow and Cole Porter's Get Out of Town on these programs. 
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          We are deeply indebted to devoted Jill Corey fan Mr. John Greenstreet of Baltimore, Maryland, for his talent and expertise in creating the moving image display above.   You can read Mr. Greenstreet's story of his own introduction to Jill and her manifold talents on our Reflections page.
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