Miss Jill Corey
              As author of this website, I originally conceived of it as simply a tribute to the life and career of that winsome lass whom I remembered from the 1950's, so often gracing my television screen or singing to me on radio during my adolescent years.   In developing the site, however, I very soon came to appreciate the real breath and depth of talent possessed by one who is truly a consummate artist.  Yet the single most rewarding part of the experience for me has been to make a new friend - a dear friend of uncommon warmth, generosity and graciousness. 

              Among Miss Corey's manifold talents is song writing, and in the lyrics of her New Song I find she expresses that profound spirit of caring and compassion that seems to permeate every single aspect of her life.  

    New Song
    There's a new song waiting to be sung,
    A joyous new song for an age just begun,
    A hymn of beauty with words of love,
    That speaks of peace coming from above.
    We'll gather the children from off the streets
    And comfort the lonely,
    We'll weep with those who weep
    And house the homeless and bring them from the cold,
    Befriend the orphan, the imprisoned and the old.
    Raise the banner, sound the drum.
    Blare the trumpet - all will come.
    Spread good news to those who mourn,
    A time of peace, of life reborn.
    There's a new song waiting to be sung,
    And with that song we shall overcome.
    A song of charity, compassion and of love.
    A new Jerusalem coming from above.
     Click here to listen to Jill sing her New Song.
               I consider it is a distinct privilege then to dedicate this website to my dear friend Jill Corey:  Singer, actress, loving wife and mother, and above all, a human being whose innate goodness touches and inspires anyone and everyone who comes to know her.       AJK  11/22/04    
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