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Just a Bit More of Don
This is the earliest picture we have of Don, who is the one on the right. 
The "N" on the cap of the relatively young Don suggests that he was with a team in the minor leagues when the photo was taken. 
Lifelong Don Hoak fan George Schroeder has contributed a copy of his original press photo of Don Hoak rushing toward pitcher Johnny Podres and catcher Roy Campanella, as the Brooklyn Dodgers clinched their very first World Series in 1955.  Don was playing third base in place of Jackie Robinson in that seventh game of the 1955 World Series against the New York Yankees.  Click here or the image at left for more from Don Hoak fan George Schroeder.    Added 02/23/13
Don with Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh.  

(We wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Henry Miller in identifying Danny Murtaugh in this picture, as well as Bob Bailey and Pie Traynor in the photo that  follows.)

Don (in striped shirt) joins Bob Bailey, as they watch Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Pie Traynor demonstrate the finer points of sliding during Traynor's tenure as instructor with the Pirates. 
Don in the classic baseball player pose in this photo by Donald Wingfield 
Click on the image at left and see three pictures of Don in Florida at spring training camp. 
Why is Don flanked by two nuns in this picture?  Click on the image for the original caption to the photo. 
Another classic baseball player pose in this picture autographed by Don 
On August 15, 2010, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette carried an extensive article by Rick Cushing recalling the Pirates' success during a crucial weekend in August 1960 that was instrumental in their winning the National League pennant that year.  In the article Cushing credits Don Hoak with being the "backbone of the team" during that summer of 1960.  Click on Don's image at right to read the entire story.
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