Miss Jill Corey
Miami Undercover:  The Thrush
Jill guest starred in the premier episode of the 1961 television crime series titled Miami Undercover, her last major television appearance before marrying Don Hoak later that same year and beginning to withdraw from the public role she had enjoyed since debuting on the Dave Garroway Show in 1953.  The Thrush, as the episode was titled, concerned the murder of a disc jockey who refuses to accept money to promote certain  records - reflecting the much publicized "payola" scandals of the late 1950's.  A young Larry King, later to become television's most famous celebrity interviewer, plays the part of the honest DJ - who does not survive the opening scenes in the story.  The Thrush debuted on American television screens on January 21, 1961. 

Watch the entire episode with Jill, Lee Bowman, Rocky Graziano and Larry King by clicking here (MP4 file, 120 mb, 26 minutes duration).  Jill Corey fan John Greenstreet, good friend of this website, has provided us with a condensed version of the show featuring only the scenes in which Jill appears.  Click here to view.

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